Cyber Security UAE

The world is slowly shifting to digital solutions to meet various daily needs. From purchasing to online banking, from sourcing information to catching up on social circles, people are becoming increasingly dependent on online resources. The proliferation of digital dependency, however, opens people to a new kind of threat – cybercrime.  

According to statistics released in 2013, there are approximately 556 million victims of cybercrime annually, translating to 1.5 million victims daily. In addition, 1 out of 10 users on social media claim they have been victimised by a scam or a fake link while browsing. Harmful programs such as viruses, worms, Trojan software, and malware make up 50 per cent of all cyberattacks in 2013.

With the alarming increase in the number of cybercrime victims, there is clearly a growing need to develop and implement measures to ensure the integrity, privacy, and security of users online.

Ramping Up Middle East Cyber Security

To meet the rising need for computer security, we here at Trusted Systems have chosen to dedicate ourselves to finding, developing, adopting, and improving scalable security solutions for different areas of implementation. We create solutions aimed at protecting digital assets from the intrusion of harmful software as well as other modes of cybercrime. With Trusted Systems, you can rest assured that your assets are safe with us. With us you can expect:

  • In depth understanding of the essential United Arab Emirates local and federal electronic and cyber laws
  • Successfully defining realistic, actionable and achievable client objectives and scope definition
  • Concise, structured and time sensitive management direction
  • Containment and remediation plaining and execution where necessary
  • Ability to identify and understand key data types residing on devices
  • Use of trusted set of forensic tools and techniques to acquire, and extract, evidence or artefacts in data on live or at-rest devices.
  • Application of best practice investigative skills to cyber security and digital forensic analysis
  • Laisse with law enforcement authorities including successful chain of custody.
  • Apply forensically sound methodologies to collect, preserve and protect information to withstand scrutiny of the courts and legal system as per ISO/IEC 27037:2012
  • Articulate reports and case notes in easy to understand language in Arabic or English
  • Integrity and confidence

For top-level cyber security, UAE and Dubai can count on Trusted Systems to rise to the occasion. With our brand of Middle East cyber security, your assets, your information will always stay safe.

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