About us


Harnessing over 20 years of combined experience in cyber security and digital forensics & investigations, Trusted Systems Consultancy LLC is a UAE Courts registered and certified information technology (IT) expert witness service provider and advisor in white-collar crime, corporate espionage, intellectual property theft, antitrust and cyber-crime in addition to IT litigation advisory and legal document-writing assistance in both English and Arabic.  Trusted Systems is also a pioneer in collaborating with partners to raise information security awareness and paving the way in the judicial system.  Our Trusted Systems Labs are outfitted with the latest technologies and are home to our examiners, where they analyse and examine digital evidence or recreate a cybercrime scene.  Using only the best-of-breed forensic and cyber security tools, Trusted Systems has chosen Access Data ® solutions as their go-to tools of choice.

Trusted Systems Consultancy is your cyber expert in the justice system!


Without the assistance of the experts, one may be seeing only a small portion of the big picture.  Persons, business owners, or lawyers may often find themselves holding only small circumstantial pieces of evidence rather than solid and substantial evidence. Whether it’s civil or corporate, if it involves a cybercrime, violation or dispute then enlisting the help of the experts at Trusted Systems to perform a digital investigation and find the complete digital evidence is quintessential to a convincing case and wining at trial.  To maintain an advantage, the modern lawyer must seek and retrieve all of the information, whether electronic, digital or paper, relating to the case. However, without specific knowledge of digital systems and data storage, lawyers are at a serious disadvantage.  The experts at Trusted Systems can help lawyers identify potential sources of evidence and ultimately obtain, analyse and present this data in a language that is easily understood in Arabic or English.  This makes the difference in winning the case!


The short answer is, as soon as an event or an incident that involves electronic or digital assets of personal or corporation information are at risk, under threat and or compromised, call Trusted Systems immediately!  Engaging the experts at Trusted Systems at the time of the incident ensures proper actions are taken. The experts at Trusted Systems follow a series of adaptive decision-based guidelines, processes and procedures that allow us to apply internationally recognized first-incident response and forensically sound methodologies to handle the most diverse and sensitive of systems and devices including mobile phones, tablets and GPS devices. Just as it is with a police crime scene, time is of the essence.  The longer it takes to mitigate or remediate the incident, the greater the chances of the scene of the crime being tampered with, and evidence lost or spoiled.  Whether the incident that occurred at your company or your client’s is a subject of a targeted cybercrime, rest assured Trusted Systems will be there for you!


Trusted Systems advises and assists with all steps surrounding cyber security incidents and digital evidence, depending on the type of service required at the time.  Many law firms, companies and individuals who are a subject of cybercrime or a victim of digital threat and attack are dealing with digital evidence for the very first time and there is a significant knowledge gap when handling incidents involving digital evidence.  It is our role to bridge this gap and to work with you or your legal representative by assisting and provisioning evidence collection, evidence analysis, reports and permutation of findings related to the digital evidence

How We Work?

We bring expertise directly to you.
Our staff visit your company in person, better understand its dynamics and challenges and help you develop a series of strategies that addresses your specific issues and help strengthen your company Knowledge transfer is another key element of a successful implementation. We do not want a company dependent on us for day to day operations. By visiting the company, we strive to teach the client what is needed to not only support the installed system, but to be able to add functionality as needed without continued reliance on outside consultants.

Our promise

Trusted Systems as a dedicated professional in Cyber Security and Technology expert, we can help you streamline the way you work with value added pack of services.
Our primary objective is to meet your needs and tailor our services offerings to benefit your business. We develop a long lasting scalable solutions and commit to the innovation services. Passionate to take on your business challenges regardless of their perplexing difficulties by capitalizing time and effort in developing and renewing knowledge area.