Digital Forensics Services

At this day and age, computers are vital to the operations of any business or organisation. Whether you are running a small business, a medium-sized enterprise, or a large non-profit organisation, you will require the use of computers for the coordination of each and every personnel within the working system. With the prevalence, however, of computer use comes the danger of computer crime, which is categorised as any crime or illegal activity that involves a computer and a network. In this case, the computer may either be the target of the crime or the tool for the perpetration of the illegal activity. 

For solving such cases, a special branch of investigation is needed: computer forensics. Computer forensics falls under the larger umbrella of digital forensic science, which aims to recover and investigate material found in digital devices. It is the process of studying and investigation digital media in order to identify, preserve, recover, analyse, and present a scientifically-backed view about the digital information collected. All this is done by a trained computer forensic investigator, otherwise known as a forensic analyst.

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