IT expert witnesses

IT and Cyber Expert Witnesses at Trusted Systems deliver their services to Public Courts across the Emirates, and provide legal support to prosecutors, defence attorneys, and private council. Our expert witnesses are fully qualified and have legal, IT and Cyber experience in advisory and consultancy cases in courts of law, and remain neutral and unbiased towards each case and the parties involved.  Adhering to the internationally adopted forensic procedures and guidelines, the experts at Trusted Systems are careful to ensure proper handling of evidence and chain-of-custody procedures, so you can rest assured that everything is admissible in court.  In addition, our analysis has consistently been proven to be scientifically sound and reliably held up in a court of law, and is prepared following the well-tested industry standard procedures of evidence evaluation and analysis.

Over time we have built up a portfolio of techniques, skills and experience that we deploy to address project disputes, intellectual property disputes and other disputes where an IT issue requires expert evidence. Trusted Systems Expert Witness Services have been called upon on numerous occasions to give expert testimony on IT and cyber related cases, from civil matters to commercial disputes.

  • Registered and Qualified by the Courts to testify as an Expert Witness in Information Technology (including ERP) under Civil and Cyber Crime related cases
  • Called upon when Judges are unable to full comprehend or grasp the IT related jargon
  • IT Expert Witness articulate the findings in a language Judges understand
  • Out-of-Court IT Expert Witness Services Available and Arbitration Activities
  • The only IT Expert Witness registered in the Dubai Courts and soon in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and northern emirates
  • Handled over 500 cases since 2010
  • Experience in handling failed IT projects, Intellectual Property (IP) disputes or theft, workplace IT terms and conditions violations
  • Arabic/English, Arabic language is a must for the Courts
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