Data recovery

Information is invaluable, regardless of the industry or sector you are involved in.

Awareness & training programs

Incident handlers performing forensic tasks should have a broad knowledge of forensic principles, guidelines, procedures, tools, and techniques.

Penetration testing

All networks are exposed to vulnerabilities: open ports, vulnerabilities in the software code, installer created vulnerability when he/she installs a software but does not use the settings as design.

Malware & advanced persistent threat analysis

APT is an entire threat class (analogous to other threat classes like insider fraud, industrial espionage, and hacktivism).

Network, computer & mobile forensics

At this day and age, computers are vital to the operations of any business or organisation.

Incident response

This is a set of procedures for an investigator to examine a computer security incident. This process involves figuring out what was happened and preserving information related to those events.

Litigation support

We are specialists in providing full time litigation support services in the United Arab Emirates. The strength of our team derives from the wealth of knowledge of local laws and methodologies of litigation in the UAE

Cyber Security

The world is slowly shifting to digital solutions to meet various daily needs. From purchasing to online banking, from sourcing information to catching up on social circles.

Digital Forensics Services

At this day and age, crimes can take place over the internet without any physical manifestation of the act. 

IT expert witnesses

IT and Cyber Expert Witnesses at Trusted Systems deliver their services to Public Courts across the Emirates, and provide legal support to prosecutors, defence attorneys, and private council.