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Incident Response Service

We help organizations to build their capacity to respond to incidents and cyber attacks, by reviewing the systems, infrastructures used and procedures, planning to deal with incidents and attacks, training specialized teams, as well as providing a specialized technical team working alongside our customers in cases of security incidents.

We help our clients raise the level of resilience against attacks and accidents, by planning to restore business after attacks to normal, after identifying the sources and causes of accidents and attacks, and then containing them.


Malware Analysis

Many cyber-attacks are utilizing malware that reaches the user in several ways, the methods and objectives of malware are different, addressing them needs to be analyzed and examined by understanding the way they work

We analyze the malware in our laboratories to identify its ways of working and sources and then remove it and then display it in a report showing all the details including measures to prevent it from the systems


Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks that encrypt organization’s data and then demand money for decryption, it have become more common over the past years, and these attacks represent a risk that can be reduced in likelihood and harm if dealt with before they occur.

We help our clients identify mechanisms and methods to prevent and deal with ransomware attacks in case they occur in order to investigate the possibility of data recovery, as well as we train specialized teams in dealing with this type of attack