Cyber Security and Technology Experts

We Help Businesses Secure Critical Assets & Achieve Business Objectives

Our Services and Solutions

A panel of certified technology experts with diverse specializations

Expert Witness

Status proof analyzing data leakage, hacking, data deletion and fraud cases involving digital data and systems, technology contracts diputes and digital intellectual Property Rights

Incident Response

Supporting your organization during cyber security incidents and analyzing digital evidence pre and post incidents

Attack Emulation

Help perform purple team excercises with advanced attack emulation techniques and proven processes

Cloud Security

Help you adopt cloud technologies without the associated risks, utilize cloud native technologies and best architecture frameworks

Security Consulting

We help you improve your security program, comply with local regulations and international standards such as NESA, ISO27001:2013, SOC1/2, PCI-DSS, and transform your security ecosystem to the next level

Enterprise Solutions and Services

Supporting your organization needs for automation and digital transformation using advanced technology and proven solutions

Our Projects

Here Are Some Samples of the Projects We Handled Successfully and Helped Our Clients Achieve the Intended Results 

Data Leakage Prevention

Security Assessments and Compliance

Cloud Security Architecture

Managed Security Services

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