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Cloud Security Assessment

We assess the security risk level of your cloud services, by reviewing configuration, assessing vulnerabilities, as well as reviewing policies and procedures related to the use of cloud services, starting from determining the security requirements for them, through the selection of the service provider and contracts, the implementation and operation stages by reviewing the settings and assessing misconfigurations periodically, up to planning to transfer data to another provider in case of need.

Our services enable more effective planning and more accurate risk assessment, more reliable use of cloud services that have become indispensable in many organizations, as well as ensuring that infrastructure and processes conform to applicable international and local standards.


Cloud Incident Response

We do the planning process to respond to threats and attacks on cloud services and their infrastructure, we do this by reviewing settings related to monitoring and auditing processes and making sure they meet the requirements and needs for investigating and analyzing attacks if they occur.

In addition, support through consultancy and services to our client's technical team or even the provision of these resources and expertise, to assist in the response to attacks, analyze them and work to prevent their occurrence in the future by knowing their causes to be avoided, in addition to documenting lessons learned and raising awareness about them.


Cloud Architecture Assessment

We help organizations review systems and cloud design to raise their security level, based on global standards and best practices

During the audit process, we focus on designing and authenticating identity management systems, managing accounts and encryption keys, designing data protection systems from various risks to cloud storage devices, and reviewing the design of virtual networks to ensure that they are designed in a way that ensures the ability to perform the required tasks at the highest levels of security and protection.