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Trusted System’s CRM offers everything you need to increase leads, accelerate sales, and measure sales performance.

Engage, strengthen, and amplify your revenue and relationships with Trusted System’s CRM

Our CRM ensures, your organization’s enhanced productivity by offering rich and user-friendly features which enable you to seamlessly manage your Sales, Marketing and Customer Support Functions.

Secure, Efficient & User Friendly

Sales & Marketing Automation

Easy Customization

360-degree view

Business Process Management

Low Operating Cost

Turn sales insights & customer info into rapid revenue growth.

Fully customizable platform to manage customer details, track new opportunities, and scale sustainably.

Our CRM allows sales people to spend more time with customers, which leads to more deals closed and a stronger customer base. Manage your sales pipeline better and convert leads into customers faster with Trusted System’s CRM.

Implementation and support Guarantee

  • 2x-Faster Complaint Resolution
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Alerts & Notification
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Increased Sales and Productivity
  • User/Team Performances report
  • Customer Satisfaction & Retention
  • Improvement Lead generation


Sales Automation

  • Leads
    Converting Lead to Opportunity/Account/Contact.
  • Opportunities
    Potential sales in CRM.
  • Accounts
    Each account is a central record in B2B model.
  • Contacts
    Contact can be related to multiple Accounts with specific roles of relationships.



  • Meetings
  • Calls
  • Tasks
  • Sending invitations to attendees.
  • Shared Calendar - Users can see the schedules of coworkers.


Marketing Automation

  • Campaigns
  • Mass Email Marketing
  • Mass Mail Merge
  • Target Lists
  • Web-to-Lead
  • MailChimp Integration



  • Activity Stream
    Feed where changes and new additions of followed records are shown.
  • Follow Button
    User can follow particular record. Records one creates or those that got assigned to one are followed automatically.



  • Email Accounts
  • Outbound Emails
  • Email Templates
  • Email Folders
  • Email Signature
  • Email Filters
  • Mass Email
  • Multiple email addresses per record.



  • Reports
    Allow users to see gathered information about business.
  • Research
    It helps an organization to get an accurate and sharp feedback on their performance and through different customer opinions helps them to understand what customers feel about them.



  • Business Process Management
    BPM tool. Provides an ability to model and automate business processes.
  • Workflows
    Actions can be triggered if specific conditions are met. Available actions: send email, update record, create new record, create notification, assign record by specific rule.


Miscellaneous features

  • Displayed based on address fields.
  • Dynamic forms
  • Calculated fields
  • Data privacy management
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to CSV
  • Printing to PDF



  • Layout Manager
    Change layouts for detail and list views.
  • Entity Manager
    Create custom entities, fields and relationships.
  • Label Manager
    Ability to customize application labels.
  • Extensions
    Ability to customize your CRM with installable extensions.