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Windows Forensics

We perform the process of searching and extracting evidence from Microsoft Windows operating system in various versions, and analyze operations in our laboratories, the process of analysis and research may be related to data leakage, hacking, viruses, and other incidents that require research, we then analyze the evidence and present it in a report, and prepare digital evidence for presentation to the competent authorities in case of need

Over the past years, we have dealt with a lot of electronic evidence and extracted it from the widely used operating system (Windows), from this evidence indicating data leakage, the use of hacking tools, unauthorized access, malware and other research and analysis purposes.



MAC Forensics

Apple's Mac systems were used on a limited scale, especially by designers and professionals of photography and artistic production, but at the moment the ease of use of the system, and its stability contributed to its spread among users and the business sector more broadly, the system saves data, arranges and deals with it in a way that differs from the Windows system, in addition to that its applications differ in several technical aspects even if similar in use and functions

Our team can work with the system to search for and extract electronic evidence from it, analyze it and display the results in a report containing technical details and non-technical explanation to be easy to understand for non-specialists and technicians.



Mobile Forensics

Mobile and smart devices have become widely used in business, as the work and data of organizations often reside on these widespread devices, this technology comes with a lot of benefits, but at the same time it opens doors to many risks and misuse

We deal with smart devices as containers for electronic evidence, we search, extract, and analyze evidence in a systematic and technical way approved in the field of dealing with digital evidence, using tools in our laboratory and with the help of trained and licensed professional engineers in our field



Data Recovery

The process of deleting data happens due to several reasons, sometimes by the user,  and some others due to a common malfunction in the system, or that the deletion is deliberate to hide evidence or with the intention of sabotage, and usually the process of deleting data in systems is done by hiding data from the user instead of deleting it really, and therefore  the data (in some cases) is present in storage devices, which enables forensic experts to restore it.

We identify and search for data and then retrieve it from different systems, and the deletion can be proven in some cases for the purposes of investigation and litigation.