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Reduce physical document storage & movement

Preserve intellectual capital as well as organizational knowledge

Implement best practices for Document Management

Reduce time and costs involved in searching & retrieval

Secure your digital assets

Improved regulatory compliance


Is the pile up of physical documents in your office frustrating you?
Are you scared about the safety of your company’s sensitive data?
Are your media assets unorganized?

If your answer to any of the above is yes then, it is time you replace the bulky cabinet files with Document Management System. DMS is an excellent document management software that helps boost your business efficiency, increase productivity, reduce expenditure, become more organized and brings many benefits to your organization.

What does Document Management System do for you?

In simple terms, Document Management System is a solution that enables the digital management of documents. It is a framework that makes easy the administration of advanced reports used to manage, track, and store archives. You can track and store all documents in a central location using DMS over the intranet of your organization or on cloud.

You can put all your important documents on DMS, like work guidelines, strategy documents, and SOPs, ensuring that everything is under control. Disorganized and unsupervised documentation work can result in business loss and or even compromise the business’s sensitive information.


Document Management Software Features

While there are many document management solutions available in the market, one thing that makes our DMS Software best among others are its features. Document management software from Trusted Systems is a unique solution offering a range of wonderful features to the users. Some of the important features in DMS Software are as follows. Here we list some of the top-notch features of this document management software.

Document Security

Strong access control ensures that the documents do not fall in the wrong hands. You can define not only who gets what but also what the user can do with the documents; you can control whether the user can view, download, print, share, create new version etc. for the document. Our DMS Software gives you the ability to configure the access control up to the page level of the document.


Version Control & Document Update

Trusted Sytem’s DMS maintains version control by default. You can configure the version numbers as per your requirements. Check-out/check-in feature ensures that no changes to the document are lost because of cross-updates to a document. All versions of the document are available on our document management software.



Trusted System’s DMS is meant for collaboration between different teams and users in your organization. Sharing of documents, annotation, comments and chat are some of the collaboration features available in our DMS.

All annotations and comments are stored in the DMS so that you get a complete view of the discussions had between the team members related to the document.


Document Upload

Users can choose from multiple options to upload the documents in DMS:

Singlefile upload
Bulk upload
Using Scan Tool
Using HotSync Desktop application


Document Folders

Documents in our DMS are stored in folders. You can create your own folder hierarchy as per your organisations requirements. Our DMS provides many properties that you can apply to each folder to suit your requirements.


Document Indexing

Indexes define the fields based on which the documents will be searched. Our DMS gives you complete control on how you define the indexes with validations for each of them. You can also define whether an index is mandatory. You can use these indexes for searching the documents quickly.


Document Audit Logs

Trusted System’s DMS maintains a comprehensive audit trail of all of actions and changes that take place on the documents in DMS. A detailed log for every document can track all events that have taken place throughout the lifecycle of the document.


Document Formats

Trusted System’s DMS supports all the major file formats like Microsoft Office files, Open office files, image formats, PDF, AutoCAD drawing formats and many others. You can upload, view and use other features of DMS for all the supported formats.


Document Viewer

Trusted System’s DMS document viewer allows you to view the documents online, so that you can view the contents of the document easily. The viewer has easy navigation features apart from zoom-in/zoom-out, rotation, index-information, linked documents etc. DMS viewer supports all types of commonly used document formats.


Workflow Management

Trusted System’s DMS has a completely configurable workflow management module. You can design your business process workflows using the workflow configurator. Create your own data-entry fields and incorporate business rules for document flow. Our DMS gives you complete visibility of the business processes, allows you to monitor and take corrective action to resolve any bottlenecks in real-time.


Search & Retrieval

Trusted System’s DMS has many easy and intuitive search features that allow users to get access to the documents they need immediately. Global search allows users to enter a phrase and get documents where the phrase occurs in the index fields, file name, control number, document number or within the document.

Advanced Search gives you the ability to create your own search queries and save them in case you want to use the queries again.



Trusted System’s DMS document management software brings numerous benefits to your organization and helps you and your organization become a big success.

Decreased Storage

Competitive edge over others

Flexible indexing of documents

Excellent Collaboration tools

Enhanced safety of documents

Enhanced and regulated document distribution

Digital Archiving

Improved regulatory compliance

Better internal operations

Enhanced, faster, and flexible search in less time

Enhanced customer satisfaction and service

Preserve intellectual capital as well as organizational knowledge

Document Management System from Trusted System is an evolving solution ideal for your organization’s document management processes. You can use our Document Management System to enhance business processes at every level of the company. The document management system offers a layer of robust security and is perhaps the safest way of storing and managing documents and files.

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