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Digitization offers the perfect solution for enhancing your productivity.

Trusted System’s Document Processing System has been designed exclusively for Document Processing and Digitization that gives you easy-to-manage, an integrated and configurable system to manage all your products centrally. You can automate the flow of business information and documents with our Document Processing System.

For offices that have always relied on a great deal of paperwork, change to the paperless is very helpful in terms of the overall running of a business.



Modelling and Administration

Submission of requests to Records Room by users

Improved, faster and more flexible processing

Reporting and Dashboards


Enhances the strategic value of the Operations function

Improve Business Agility

Central Control and Visibility

Reduce Lead Time

Improve Productivity

Real Time Reports

Integrate with your Records Management System for inventorization of the physical documents

Integrate with your Document Management System by uploading images and data to the DMS