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Reduce Security Incident Impact and Respond Faster

Quickly Respond To And Address Cyber Attacks Efficiently And Effectively, By Leveraging Expert Incident Responders, Using Advanced Technologies, Backed By Long Experience Handling Advanced Threat Actors And Global Cyber Security Incidents.

What You’ll Get in Our Incident Response Service

We ensure that you have all you need to have a solid incident response capability, our agreements include all the training, policies, procedures, incident communication and playbooks in addition to the standard incident response support during the incident and postmortem analysis.
This way you ensure that all the incident lifecycle is covered, before, during and after the incident.

Incident Readiness Assessment

Identify the gaps in your existing cyber security incident response process to ensure you're ready when incidents  and attacks happen

First Responder Training

Ensure your team is trained and ready to deploy proper response to incidents and avoid wasting valuable time during incident handling

Incident Response Toolkit

Get battle-tested incident response policies, procedures, playbooks and communication templates to ensure you're ready during incidents

Mock-up Incident Drill

Practice makes perfect, hence your team will practice incident handling through mockup incident drill, to identify areas of improvements

Incident Response Retainer

Get access to our senior incident responders to help you quickly handle and recover from incidents and restore business operations

Post-Mortem Analysis

Find out the incident origins and understand the anatomy of the attack using digital forensics, to help prevent future incidents

Why Are We Different?

We noticed that existing incident response models are not covering the needs of our customers, we believe incident response requires both the organization and the service provider to work together way before the incident occurs, and that's why we designed our framework to ensure the ground work is done ahead and continuously improved with every engagement.