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ERP Evaluation

Enterprise Resource Planning projects are one of the most prone projects to failures, delays, and problems, as they go through several stages of interrelated activities, and failure happens at one of these stages, the results are unsatisfactory to the parties.

We analyze ERP projects starting from offers to contracting, documenting requirements, implementation and then delivery, and during all stages we review the methodology of project management, correspondence and reports between the parties, inspections, completion and delivery, and then we prepare a report that presents the reasons for the shortcomings and responsibilities related to it, as well as we carry out an evaluation process for the completed work by presenting the evaluation mechanism and then applying it to reach the value of what has been delivered if the project can be received and then completed.


Software Projects Disputes

We review the contracts related to software development, the development methodologies used, review the documents related to the documentation of requirements, design and examination to determine the commitment of the parties to the contract or not, follow the appropriate methods in the development process and prepare a report that includes the shortcomings and the cause of it, as well as according to the cases the evaluation of the work done and a detailed explanation of what has been accomplished and its compatibility with the agreed upon contract.

We also assist IP experts and judges in IP disputes, which relate to various applications and software by reviewing design and implementation processes, reviewing code and other methods, and clarifying them to IP experts to reach the results.


Hacking Cases

In cases of hacking into business environments, we collect electronic evidence in the devices from servers, personal devices and smartphones, then we analyze these different evidence such as logs in systems, networks and others, which helps to understand the process and how it was done, and display the results in the final report, and in case of need we put data that facilitates the process of completing investigations with judicial authorities and law enforcement, for example the presentation of data related to the attackers such as the Internet addresses (IP Addresses) from which the attack took place, whether the IP address belongs to the attacker or not, as well as we explain the breach in a simplified way for the non-technical audience at the end of the report or another appendix, and explain it to the parties to facilitate its use for non-technical audience such as lawyers, judges and others.

We also identify vulnerabilities that have facilitated the hacker's illegal access to systems and data, if any, and make recommendations to avoid the vulnerabilities mentioned.

The analysis process is carried out in our laboratories equipped with the means of extraction, examination, and analysis of evidence, following approved methodologies in the field of electronic evidence and dealing with it, and through our trained technical team licensed with professional certificates in the specialization


Data Leakage

The process of data leakage is a widespread phenomenon in many organizations around the world, due to the availability of information in its electronic form and the ease of transmission to third parties through various technologies, the transferred information may contain sensitive data that harms the organization that own it if leaked, for example customer database, contracts, financial offers, engineering plans, inventions, and other data.

We help our customers to inspect devices to extract and analyze electronic evidence in order to detect data leaks, with various mechanisms such as the process of data leakage by email, external storage devices via USB  ports or via cloud storage services such as  Google Drive, Dropbox  , OneDrive  and other services, the analysis process is carried out in our laboratories equipped  with means  Examination and analysis of electronic evidence, following approved methodologies in the field of digital evidence and dealing with it, and through our trained technical team licensed with professional certificates in the field of electronic evidence and through our technical team trained and licensed with professional certificates in the field of digital evidence


Email Status Proof

Electronic correspondence carries the value of a manual message, and is considered a pillar in business management, this correspondence often contains important information, such as purchase orders, contracts, changes in projects, reports etc... As such, they are often called upon to support claims in various cases and may be subject to questioning their authenticity in terms of content or source.

We help our customers extract and view the e-mails,  examine their source, and then prepare a report proving the authenticity of the message or not by tracing the stages of its issuance and transmission to the recipient, as well as save its electronic copy in a way that enables the various parties to verify the correctness of the analysis process in case the messages are requested during the litigation process, we also unload the contents, view their sequence and describe the content of the body of the message and its annexes


WhatsApp and Messages Status Proof

We examine the devices and view the correspondence in various messaging programs such as WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, and other programs, by examining them in a forensically sound manner to prove their status as electronic evidence and then extract, save, display, and unpack them if necessary

Our mechanism adopts the use of advanced technology means to dump messages from the application database, and document the process in order to display it as a reliable documented electronic directory in case of need