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Identify past and active attacker actions in your environment


The Threat Hunting engagement combines highly skilled industry experts, threat intelligence and technology. It helps you identify any active or past intrusions by identifying IoCs and suspicious behaviour in your environment, which increase your ability to stope existing intrusions and effectively respond to future incidents.

Our Methodology

Our professional consultants will perform a comprehensive proactive threat hunting exercise to identify attackers following the below methodology:

  • Deploy Assessment Tools: We place advanced assessment tools in your environment to determine any existing and past suspicious activity.
  • Evaluate your Posture: We investigate your environment against known IoCs and threat intelligence feeds to identify attack vectors and early infections
  • Analyse Evidence: We’ll apply advanced analysis techniques based on time, events, malware behaviour among others to determine the attacker actions and their activities in your environment.
  • Report the Findings: Report our findings and explain the attack anatomy along with recommendations to stop ongoing attacks and prevent it from happening in the future.


After the assessment, our consultants deliver the following:

  • A detailed assessment report on the attack anatomy along with the relevant remediation actions and improvements to your incident response process
  • An executive report to summarize key findings and overall attack(s)


  • Improve your security controls configuration and identify new potential use cases
  • Mature your incident response capabilities
  • Identify past and active attacks in your environment and stop them

Why Trusted Systems

Trusted Systems has been delivering cyber security consulting and services since

2010. Our consultants have worked on very large and complex engagements. We have a deep understanding of cyber security trends, as well as new defensive technologies